About us

Regnas Jewelry operates under The Davies Co Th Ltd, a registered Thai company.

We have been manufacturing our jewelry here in Northern Thailand for more than 10 years and take advantage of the rich culture of engraving and sculpting stone that has existed here through the ages. The combination of this skill base and our knowledge of and enthusiasm for heraldic, family crest, seal and signet designs are the strength behind the Regnas Jewelry product. 

All our pieces are handcrafted. We do not use lasers and use only natural stones that we are able to source locally. This makes our pieces completely unique. No two items can ever be exactly the same which adds to their individuality.

We are happy that many of our customers express their delight at finding our services as there are few, if any businesses offering quite what we do and at prices that are only made possible because of our low overheads. 

For further information contact us at admin@regnasjewelry.com


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