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Regnas Stone sealing ring

Regnas Stone Signet & Seal Rings

Signet rings are often called seal rings and refer to a special design of the face of a ring. Their use stretches back through history to times when communications were carried and delivered by hand. How could you verify that the document was unopened in transit and that it was from the person it was supposed to be from?

The answer was to seal the document with some wax and imprint the seal or signature of the sender to that wax.

The designs of the seals were often quite intricate and would require skilled craftsmen to create them with meticulous detail. Furthermore the seal would have to be a mirror image so that the correct image would appear in the seal. Often the design incorporated heraldic devices unique to the sender and these heraldic designs were incorporated into family crests.

No wonder that these signet or seal rings are still as popular today as they were centuries ago. Wearing such a ring shows pride in ones family, heritage and lineage. They are also known for their beauty as the detailed designs are a truly magnificent tribute to the craftsmen that create them.

Many metals have been used to create these rings but at Regnas we specialise in crafting rings with semi precious stones. Depending on the Mohs value of hardness, certain stones can be engraved to the required depth and with the extent of detail needed to leave a perfect impression to heated wax.

Diamonds have a Mohs hardness of 10 whilst gold only comes in at a 2.5. Of course we cannot engrave to diamonds but at the same time many stones have a significantly higher mineral hardness than gold.

The Onyx family of stones have a Mohs value of 6-7 and is very suitable for our purposes. It is hard enough to take the rigours of heavy engraving without chipping and cracking but is not so hard that our craftsmen and women cannot display the details of the designs on them. Other stones that fit the bill are bloodstone, the various agates and rock crystal. Amethyst can have a Mohs scale of 7 but if the quality is not of the very highest standards any impurities can result in damage to the stone whilst undergoing the engraving.

When we engrave to stone we have to look very carefully at the piece we are working with. Very often, even at the last minute, the stone will crack or chip and hours of delicate work have to be discarded.

Regnas Stone Sealing Ring


Here at Regnas we take great pride in the variety of the signet and seal rings that we have created over the years. very often they are unique, custom designs that will become family heirlooms and treasured through the ages. We love the diversity and uniqueness of working with natural stones harvested from the ground which, we believe, adds even more to the value and quality of our jewelry.

You can view examples of these rings here.