Red Agate Cufflinks Hand Carved Hawk Sterling Silver 925




Red Agate Cufflinks featuring a hawk image hand carved from the natural stone.

More details

This superb pair of cufflinks consist of two well crafted top quality red agate ovals cut from the same rock, a beautiful color. The hand carved hawks display beautifully to create these distinguished cufflinks.

Solid sterling silver

Red Agate

Size: 22 x 18 (7/8 x 11/16 inch).

Method of attachment: swivel device

Free,Worldwide registered delivery includes a smart presentation case, full insurance and our complete 30 day replace or refund warranty.

Please buy these red agate hawk cufflinks now.

Type Of Stone Red Agate
Type of MetalSolid Sterling Silver 92.5
Size of Cufflink Face22 x 18 (7/8 x 11/16 inch) oval

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